Dogs on our beaches is a crappy idea

no dogs on beachBeautiful morning on the beach. A casual stroll enjoying Mother Nature’s earliest offerings. Lapping waves lend a quiet rhythm to the daybreak solitude. Seagulls cry in the distance. I’m lost in my thoughts. Then…squishhhhh.

The sound and feel are unmistakable. It is dog poop. Feces. Crap. (You fill in with your own noun….but please don’t leave it in the comments.)

Morning ruined. What began as a lovely start to the day went to…

Go ahead. Be disgusted. You should be.

I read a Speaking Out column on The Walton Sun’s website where the author lamented the number of dogs vacationers were bring to South Walton’s beaches. She went on to opine that vacationers should leave their dogs at home. She went to the trouble to remind her dear readers that there are ordinances on the books prohibiting un-permitted dogs on the beach. And on and on.

Here’s a little news flash for the author: Local dogs are soiling our beaches, too. And their owners are turning a blind eye to the gifts left by their canine companions.

Now settle down, y’all. It isn’t all dog owners who are guilty of ignoring these little stink mines. But one is too many. You step on one and I promise you’ll say things you’ll be ashamed you said. The ears of anyone within earshot will bleed. Your momma will know.

As with a couple thousand Walton County ordinances, the one governing dogs on our beaches is not enforced with any semblance of regularity. It would take an entire force of Puppy Police (armed with Pooper Scoopers to retrieve offending evidence, of course) to enforce the ordinance.

There really is just one solution to the problem: No dogs on the beach. No local dogs on the beach. No out-of-town dogs dropping doo-doo in the dunes. None.

That ordinance would be easy to enforce.

(The author owns a dog. His name Is Harley. He doesn’t go to the beach. He would poop there.)


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2 responses to “Dogs on our beaches is a crappy idea

  1. Claire b.

    I agree totally not nice to step in when you are expecting sand…’s a big deal here on streets of RosemaryB 9 piles on Kingston Road just where. You step oUt of car and place your foot in mulch…..the dog owners expect security crew to pick it UP……imagine that in your job description.

  2. Bob WELLS

    I agree, no dogs on the beach…

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